Photography found me in 1994 when I inherited my best friends camera. My first lesson in the power of photography came when I realized we never had a photo together. I’m self taught and driven by the inherent desire to create and share. The love and respect for photography that began in film has carried over into the digital age and now into our age of screens.
My unique visuals are powerful to look at, fun and profitable to my partners. Developing video-based portraits in 2009 with my photographic eye, I am recognized as a pioneer in hybrid photography, the blending of still + motion with the soul of a photograph. Hybrid photography has many forms such as short 15 second video pieces, cinemagraphs and augmented reality.
Selection of Clients
3D Robotics, Anheuser-Busch, Arizona Department of Health, C3 Entertainment, Hangar Technologies, Latinworks, Panasonic, Olympus, USAA, Universal Music, Village Voice Media, Webber Shandwick, Wired Magazine
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